Structural Engineering
New Construction, Renovations, Additions, Adaptive Reuse

Diversity in Practice:
Our staff offers personal and professional diversity to enrich the design process at all levels:

About the Firm
More than 500, ranging from simple civil constructions to highly sophisticated infrastructure projects

Commercial Buildings, Academic Infrastructures, Heavy Engineering  and Power Plant structure.

About Director

     Dr.G.S Venkatasubramani has more than twenty years of experience in design and development of       complex infrastructure projects. He started this firm in the year 1991 and steered it to reach the place       where it is now, enjoying wide recognition and being accepted as the best. He graduated from P.S.G       College of Technology, earning Bachelor's in Civil Engineering, Master's in Structural Engineering and       Doctorate in Structural Civil Engineering. He is a member of Institution of Structural Engineers,                   Institution of Valuers Association of Consulting Engineers, Institution of Engineers, Indian Concrete            Institute, Builders Associates of India, and Coimbatore Civil Engineering Association.
He is a Valuer and Chartered Engineer.
He is a foremost authority in handling technically challenging complex commercial and residential infrastructure projects. He works with the Design Engineering team to derive the scope of the project, define the plan, and offer technical insights into the way projects can be conceptualized and executed. His expertise in and commitment to Structural Engineering is evidenced by his overwhelming number of technical publications connected to Structural Science in some of the finest institutes in the country. Besides running this Structural Engineering firm, he is also active in the academic stream through teaching and making policy decisions.

Structural Engineering Expertise :

Land Development & Urbanization / Structural Design & Detailing / Condition Assessment
Asset Evaluation & Assessment / Project Management Consultancy / Technical Consultancy